The stones in the gall: 5 first signs

Stones formed in the gall bladder, in a scientific way is also called "calculous cholecystitis". This is a fairly common disease today, characterized by the formation of solid substances in the lumen of the organ (gallbladder).

The reason for the emergence and development of this pathology is the gall outflow delay, as well as violation of bile composition. It becomes more viscous, eventually forming a solid precipitate. He gradually crystallizes and turns into a full-fledged a pebble.

If someone thinks calculous cholecystitis disease frivolous, he is very much mistaken. After all, if the stones formed a lot (and it is not a problem, you can simply do not eat), it is shown to be surgery to remove the organ that is most of the gall bladder. And without it life is not as good as him. Therefore it is important to notice the onset of the disease and take adequate measures for the normalization of their own state. How? Let's investigate.

There are a number of symptoms characteristic of the formation of gallstones. And the top 5 of the first and most notable:

1) Acute periodic pain in the right subcostal area related, usually with appreciable irritation the bladder wall. It is their sharp-edged body excite stones.

2) Report the digestion process. This will result in a fatty, fried, smoked and heavily salted food. After such a "barbarity" happens disorder. A bile, as mentioned above, plays just a key role in fat digestion. If you are present stones, gall reaching the intestinal lumen will be very difficult in the gallbladder.

3) When a mild pressure on the concrete, a well-defined point on the abdomen - 2 cm x 2 cm up from the navel to the right - there is a sudden sharp pain of piercing.

4) Often nausea accompanied, as a rule, loss of appetite.

5) Jaundice. Due to the malfunction of the gallbladder yellow sclera eye, skin hands. This is a very formidable symptom that can not be ignored. It indicates nothing else, as blockage of bile ducts!

When the above features (one or several at once), it is not necessary to delay the visit a doctor who is required to appoint a comprehensive examination, and after - of adequate treatment.

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