How not to "overwhelm" the interview? 5 tricky questions that you have to answer

For this little workout before a mirror and peruse the news industry. the main guarantee success - correct answers to the hr-management issues. On what questions will be asked at a job interview and how to answer them, read the material.

Q: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Correct answer: Do not aim too high, do not make jokes that are planning to become a director or chief of the world in the office, which came to settle.

But do not say I expect to remain in one position. Correctly, you can avoid answering, saying that after five years of planning to do the splits (because I go to the bar on the weekends), or learn a new kind of sailing.

Question: On what salary you expect?

How to answer the question about salary during the interview to make a good impression? Do not call too high an amount too small, too, do not say. To come out unscathed, find out in advance the Net average salary in the company or even the industry in your city.

Call such a sum, not exactly fall into an awkward position.

How not to "overwhelm" the interview? /

Question: Are you ready, in rare cases, to stay at work?

In no case do not say "yes" without decrypting your answer. First, find out about some rare cases, the employer says. Second, find out if you will be responsible only for their deadlines or have yet to come to the aid of colleagues that their obligations are, alas, not as seriously as you do.

Explain that you are willing to stay, you are responsible worker, but mark the limits of decency.

Question: What is your marital status?

Little nuance, the employer can be a little lie when it comes to planning a child in the family.

It just so happened that the few companies to hire women who are waiting for a year or two, and sometimes even in the foreseeable future of the child. Those. costs only say in the interview that, yes, you are planning to completion, and you are likely to be denied.

Therefore, even if you are really thinking about the child, it is better not say anything. Say that despite the presence of a partner, the work will have you on the first plane.

How not to "overwhelm" the interview? /

Question: Why did you come in for an interview in our company?

Try to pre-something to find out about the company where you are going. It is important to show the prospective employer that you do not come because you are in a bind. Yes, you are looking for work, but this company has attracted you something else. Corporate spirit? Treatment of employees? Prospects?

Importantly, do not fold the stick, do not say that with his youth dream to work here. Discreet compliment will suffice.

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