These things have to be in the house during a meeting of the new 2020!

Soon it will be New Year's mood, waiting for the miracle of change, something warm and desirable. Next year will be under the auspices of the White Metal Rat, and want to somehow appease the landlady of the year to find happiness, success and prosperity.

Well, at least in our family for a long time taken, for example, buy magnets with the image of the host of the year, to decorate the Christmas tree to hang a garland at the window. Be sure to put under the Christmas tree is not only gifts for children, but also some snacks for the animal on the night of January 1st. That is, this year we put the cheese, vegetables or fruit. So recently I have found information about that at a meeting of the new year should be present in the house are 3 things. They are needed for the well-being, happiness and success in 2020.

Now decorations for the New Year holidays are full of almost all the shops. You can already watch some toys on the Christmas tree, but it turns out, Metallic Silver or Rat - quite capricious animal. And not all in a row, this time it will be possible to hang on the Christmas tree. I know that everyone loves lions, and so this year, try to make figurines of cats and balloons with pictures of the cat family on the Christmas tree was not! Otherwise, you will scare away from you good luck and wealth.

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And what to do with this cat, who has long been living in your apartment, and became a full member of your family? Nothing to do! Feed and pet unless. Well-fed and contented cat does not scare the hostess of the year, and even attract happiness into your home. So, with that out - live cat reserve, and all images, pictures, toys with cats remove at least at 31 December.

And now we go to the most important. What should be in the decoration of your apartment this year?

1.Myshka or Rat. In fact, year after year, the Council is required to acquire a symbol of the coming year, and put it on the holiday table. This year was no exception. Choose what you like best. You can, as I said, to buy a figurine and put it on the table during the celebration. Can be hung on the Christmas tree toys depicting rat or in the shape of an animal. Fit pictures or even pillows with arms. To attract good luck into the house hang mouse figurine right on the front door. By the way, if you decide to have nothing to celebrate New Year - trust your imagination, put on a T-shirt the image of a mouse, something gray and silver, but again do not forget that with a cat theme complete taboo!

2. As I have already said, the coming year - the White Metal Rat. Therefore, emphasis is placed on apartment decoration on these colors. A large silver balls and tinsel. Plates and napkins are white. To attract good luck into your home, you need to before the chimes in the kitchen to hide silver jewelery.

3. And the third thing you need to include in the decor - a white candle. Of course, it is better to buy something beautiful, curly, decorated. Light them during a time of celebration, to bring good luck to his house, well-being and happiness, and clean home away from negativity.

Each time the New Year, we are experiencing positive emotions that are associated with the onset of a new period in our lives, the carrier changes, and something good. The night before the commencement of the right Metal Rat is no exception. You only need to use these recommendations to year has been really successful.

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