Items that should not be stored under the sink

Some experts do not advise items stored under the sink. In the article we describe what things affected by this limitation.

As a rule, modern layout kitchen room provides the most efficient use of available space.

Placed under the sink cabinet, and to go there you can put some things.

But do not use the closet to store the following items:

  • food

Even when it comes to products that do not require temperature control. The fact is that under the sink because of the high humidity quickly mold is formed, it can infect the products, even if they are well packed.

  • chemicals

Not a good idea to keep the bleach, or, for example, a cleaner pipe under the sink.

If the packaging is damaged, these harsh chemicals can even begin to damage the furniture, which is in contact with them.

  • flammable products
Kitchen - is not the place for such things, paint, detergents, if they are flammable, and varnishes can cause a fire if they will be affected by the heat from the stove, microwave oven or gas range.

That can be stored in the cupboard under the sink?

Do not leave an empty cupboard, just beware of the deployment of things that do not bring all sorts of dangers. For example, you can put in the closet shopping baskets, garbage bags, buckets and basins, sponge for dishes, bags and even household fire extinguisher, if you plan to buy.

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