In some countries women are forbidden to have abortions?

According to global statistics, every day 125,000 women decide to terminate the pregnancy.

For a year, doctors make more than 45 million worldwide abortions. Most often in such surgery are women aged 18 to 34 years, 3-5% of abortions occur in young girls.

In some countries, abortion is under full or partial ban.


Legally have an abortion in this country can only women diagnosed with fetal abnormalities.

Do not prohibit the termination of pregnancy girls who become pregnant as a result of violence or incest.

United Arab Emirates

Abortion allow women whose pregnancy threatens death or expectant mother or the child.

And for disobeying the law establishes the following punishment - 100 lashes with a whip and imprisonment up to 5 years.


Allow abortion to save the life of the mother, the other women who had decided to terminate the pregnancy, get 3 years in prison.


Since 1998, this country abortion is a criminal offense, 2 women even went to jail for 9 years each.


You can not have an abortion, even if the pregnancy endangers the mother's life.

The laws in this country have not changed since 1870.


Abortion in Chile is equivalent to child abuse is prohibited in all cases, without exception.

legal abortions

Legal abortion is practiced in 58 countries around the world, including in Ukraine, where the abortion is done on the request of the woman.

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