5-saving secrets, not to live from paycheck to paycheck

We would like to offer you a simple, but the most accurate secrets of saving the family budget.

Weekend without spending

Try to spend a weekend without unnecessary spending. Cancel walking through the mall, going to the restaurant and travel. it save you a lot of money.

Exclude from the diet of all drinks

Have you ever noticed how much you spend money on coffee? If this list is to include all carbonated beverages, the impressive sum will be released. And you refuse juices, alcohol, and other hazards. purified water It costs less any beverage.

5-saving secrets, not to live from paycheck to paycheck / pixabay.com

Do not use plastic cards

On the non-cash payments, we spend a lot more money, because we are not difficult to part with the money that we do not see. Try to get round online stores and use cash.

Discard the branded items

Buying a branded item, you pay a salary advertisers and personnel. And you give up well-known brands! Their quality does not differ from the goods less well-known brands, we simply overpay for the well-known name.

Delay bills rare denomination

Try save specific denomination bills. For example, 500 or 1000 hryvnia. In a short time you gather up a decent amount of money.

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