How to apply colored nail right?

It would seem a simple question: how to apply color nail right? But it turns out, the answer to it knows not every girl, especially when it comes to short nails. To resolve any doubt, we present a selection of professional tips and tricks that are easy to learn the basics of home help nail-design.

How to apply colored polish on nails?

Home manicure many turns away from the nail-industry innovations. And, indeed, why buy a bright and original paints, if they do not want to lie on nails neat and evenly. But despair and to save money for professional manicure is still not worth it if the only question is how to apply the color polish nails. All is solved. The main thing is to understand a simple technique, and strictly follow it.

nail polish coating of any color is only a few steps:

  • Preparing hands. This includes direct manicure - shaping the nails, cuticles removal - and degreasing nail plate. To varnish kept long and well, nails before applying it to any structure required to wipe nail polish remover or just rinse thoroughly with soap and water.
  • Application framework. The most important stage, the thoroughness of execution which in this case does not play any role. All nails are required to cover an ad hoc basis under a varnish or colorless simple structure. What will it give? Alignment nail protection from harmful components of colored varnishes, base for strength and quality.
  • Covering colored nail varnish. The general principles are the same for all nail - varnish is applied in three quite fast movements. First, the middle of the nail, and then on the sides of the first stroke.
  • Consolidation. An optional step, but necessary if you want to show off with a nice manicure last longer than one day.

But something strange, exhaustive information how to apply the color polish nails, all is not equal is a guarantee of long-lasting manicure, so we introduce some universal tricks nail-beauty.

Secrets quality nail varnish

Provide quality nail-design does not create, but by following the "right" instructions! Beautiful coat polish - it is work and some tricks. Among them are noteworthy:

  • Brush. Good expensive lacquers often have their own good brush for applying the composition. But not always! To paint lay down evenly, brush should be long enough and have a soft pile. Only then will be able to obtain a uniform and accurate coverage.
  • Lac. For the content uniformity required paint stir before use, but this should be done not by shaking the vial, and by rolling it in his hands. This will avoid the appearance of air bubbles, and will ensure a quality manicure.
  • The consistency of the varnish. The shorter nails, especially a liquid composition to be used.
  • Layers. Two coats of varnish look better than one, because the re-coating helps to achieve perfection in manicure.
  • Sequence. Each nail is worth re-dip the brush into the bottle, and not to use the "remnants" of the lacquer from the previous nail.
  • Drying. that manicure firmness and long held, it should be thoroughly dry. Under normal conditions, it takes at least 30 minutes to fully all layers and well dried out.
  • Skin contact. If soiled skin surrounding the nail lacquer of the substrate, the composition can be removed with a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover. Small "splash" remove optional - they themselves will go under hand washing /

It turns out, correctly applied colored lacquer quite easy, especially if you know all the little tricks of quality nail polish and enjoy them!