7 secrets to make a man to hear your requests, without resorting to scandal

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To negotiate with the man - an important part of every woman's life. Is it always turns itself? How to make him listen and hear your better half? All this will be discussed today

Many women are in communion with men tend to have the last word at all costs. As a result, the word may indeed be the last: from a maximalist man can just walk away. How to be heard and not to destroy their relationship with a man? It is not necessary to put pressure on him and try to force their opinions. Get wisdom, patience and ingenuity.


Begin not with him, but with herself.Be aware of your needs are not voiced and specify them. To do this, you should look inside yourself, feel your "I", ask yourself these questions and find the answers. What do I really want? Why do I want this? What will happen if I get it? Why do I need it? Spend a little of your time and understand their desires. Do not hurry. The more accurately you understand them, the more clearly and convincingly you can bring them to your partner. Especially if your man - imperious and determined man, who does not like to waste your time on trifles.

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The next step - to convey his request favorite.Do not allow the standard error - do not rely on what he reads your thoughts. If you want something - tell him about it directly.

AND forget about the command tone, He annoys men, and therefore will not bring you the desired results. Be wiser. Allow your man to be what it should be by nature - the winner. After all the feats and deeds of a man makes for a woman. Even if he is not aware of. Say that only his ability to do it, he's a man! This language can work wonders.


Remember that science divides people into four psychological type, which react differently to the same approval and formulation. So experiment. If you do not load the first approach, you can gently try shame man"What would your mother?", "What will our children?", "What would Ivan on your work? It's there at all! It is a shame it does not have! "

Another working method - cry to his logic. Eat your request such statements as "it is logical" or "this is not logical." For many men, this is a weighty argument in the decision to do something, or not do.

And finally, the most important thing: beauty, smile and sexy woman can easily destroy any man's theory. Keep this in mind - and enjoy!

Happened? Now be sure to praise him!Do not forget about it. Praise and thank him - did not spare the nice words for him. Let him know that his actions are very important to you. That's when he will hear and perceive your requests and fulfill them with pleasure!

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