How to lift the immunity of the child: Dr. Komarovsky

In the fall of a child can significantly reduce the immune system and, of course, your baby can get sick.

Dr. Komarovsky said that can help in this case.

"Most of the mothers, to ask a question about raising the immunity of 3-year-old child, quite sincerely expect that the doctor will advise some gold pill that can solve the problem. I must disappoint you: these medications do not exist. All that is appointed by, ostensibly to raise immunity, it is an absolute medical "divorce" is an attempt of the pharmaceutical business to meet your needs to help the child. Unfortunately, in nashenski help - it means to send dad to the pharmacy. Here are manufacturers of medicines and help in this way to realize your need for this, "- the doctor said.

In order to lift immunity is necessary to frequently visit the open air, engaged fiznagruzki.

"In fact, immunity correction is possible only optimization of lifestyle options: sufficient exposure to fresh air, feeding the non-violent, physical activity, the optimization parameters of the air in the apartment, the timely bowel movements, limit contact with sick children, parent education art proper care for respiratory viral infections - that this, in fact, is a program of raising immunity to children of any age "- poditozhil Komorowski.

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