Mistakes in the interior Feng Shui, which interfere to create harmony and comfort at home

You can not create a cosiness in the house on Feng Shui, if you made one of the most common mistakes.

Misallocation of rooms

Sometimes the error inherent in the very structure housesFor example, it is forbidden with a bedroom above the garage, it's a place with a very dynamic energy, which is not only positive but also negative.

Improper positioning of the bed

The bed can not look at the door, placed her up against the wall, too, not worth it.

The ideal place for a bed - the middle of the room, away from the window.

Mistakes in the interior Feng Shui to create harmony which prevent

Bathroom door opposite the entrance door

Experts note that positive energy with such layout leaves the house, threatening all sorts of trouble.

The mirror opposite the entrance door

Mirror - a popular auxiliary tool oriental design. But placed it in front of the entrance you can not - because you block the positive energy, it does not get into the house, it will be reflected in the mirror and go out.

Excessive number of colors

Each color has a certain energy, when too many of them - it turns a hodgepodge.

Eastern practice stands on the position that the primary colors should be more - a maximum of four, but it is possible one.

Poor care of indoor plants

For indoor plants need care, if you can not their timely watering, it is better and refuse at all colors. The fact that the flower that dies in your home due to lack of care, helps dying energy.

Mistakes in the interior Feng Shui to create harmony which prevent

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