How to make a budget repair apartments with their own hands

Even the most terrible, the apartment can be quickly put in order without a huge cost, but will also have to work on. Learn how to make a budget repair flats so that it is quickly and economically!

1. Cleaning

Do you think that the presence of trash in your apartment can someone come in handy? Leave only serviceable equipment, utensils and furniture. The cluttered and untidy flat would not want to live a full life. Recommended scrub stains and wash the windows. But it is better to invest in cleaning by professionals, which will refresh, even the running housing.

2. A quick fix

Replace any broken light bulbs, buy a new oilcloth on the kitchen table, or even buy a miniature wardrobe instead of a massive old and falling apart. It's not so expensive, but gives a completely different look.

How to make a budget apartment with his hands Repair /

3. sanitary engineering

In any have not repaired the apartment bathroom is in poor condition. Dripping faucet, leaking toilet, broken watering - so choose yourself the trouble and call cheap masters.

4. Furniture

Do not litter the apartment broken furniture, let it remain only that does not fall apart. If possible, replace the old sofas and chairs with new ones, but if you can not afford, do the cleaning of old furniture.

Make a list of the furniture and think that you have left. Turn a little imagination and look for good options alteration of furniture on the Internet.

How to make a budget apartment with his hands Repair /

5. tolerable floor

The first thing that catches your eye when you first walk into someone else's apartment - this floor. Therefore, make sure that the coating is in adequate condition. Fast and cheap to repair the floor is practically impossible, and thus need to find other options.

Real salvation could be buying bamboo mats, or tracks, which will close the unsightly places. But better - to repair the conscience, because building materials market offers a lot of budget for this opportunity.

Repairs - it's not so expensive and difficult as it seems. The main thing - to do everything to the soul, that the apartment shone with new colors.

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