Today, the heavens opened: how to make a wish on Epiphany

It is believed that at the Baptism of open skies in the night, in order to sanctify all the water on Earth, and to hear the wishes and requests of each person. Esotericism say it is the perfect time to make a wish, because it gets right to the "destination". This time, energy, when all of the hidden dreams can come true.

How to prepare for the christening of the night? How to make a wish? And what should be done to reflect on Epiphany come true? Read the material on


How to prepare for making wishes?

First stage - thank you. You have to say thank God for what you already have.
Second phase - let go of envy. This energy blocks in the message of the universe, so you need to let her go.
The third stage - forgive insults. Thank all the offenders for the lessons they have presented to you, forgive them.

make a wish

Method 1 - desire under the pillow. 12 Write the most secret desires on small pieces of paper. Before going to bed put them under my pillow. Thank the universe for the fulfillment of your desires. First thing in the morning remove the three leaf - these wishes will come true.

method 2 bowl with water.Type in the bowl water. Put it on the table. At 12 at night look at the water, if you see the ripples, make a wish - this time force.

Method 3 - stone in the pond. If next to you there is a pond, the night before the Epiphany come to him. Take the crystal pearl and aquamarine (you can buy them in the shop esoteric), or at least approach a normal stone. Imagine your desire - it's Flash, which is "infused" into stone. Then throw it into water.


method 4 the desire to dream.The evening before Epiphany you can ask a question of the Most High that you care about or just make a wish. The answer should come in a dream. It is advisable to remember the dream, so put next to the bed pad and pen.

process 5 desire in the hole.If you plan on Epiphany dip into the hole, then take his desire with her. Perch, thank God for the fulfillment of this desire.

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