5 things dangerous to talk to others: keep them secret

You know the proverb: "If you want to amuse the gods, tell them about your plans." Our ancestors were very wise. They know that there are things that you can not tell anyone. What you need to keep a secret from strangers?

Esotericism say that such stories can end badly for the man. Because our thoughts and words are material. What you can not share with others?

It is dangerous to speak to others? / istockphoto.com

You can not share plans and dreams

Envy other people can break vibration successSo consider esoteric. Psychologists are also not advised to share their plans with others. Just our brain does not distinguish between the present and the future. Pronouncing his dreams out loud, the brain finds them fulfilled and ceases to work towards their implementation.

It is impossible to talk about the second half

Pronouncing bad moments of your relationship, you attract them negative. Talking about the happy moments that are in a relationship, a person shares the energy of love, which could give the second half.

It is impossible to talk about their dreams

In dreams, the subconscious is trying to tell us some nuances of our lives. Through dreams can come a warning or advice. Talking to strangers dreams, you open your subconscious mind. And his energy is very vulnerable.

It is impossible to talk about charity

When you do something good, it is better to keep it secret. By charity a person receives different benefits that it rewards the universe. Spreading about his filantropstve, he loses them.

You can not share fears

Share experiences you can only close friends who will support you. Talking about your fears, you can get on energy vampireThat simply will satiate your emotions and exacerbate emotions.

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