Dreams come true: 5 rules of fulfillment of any desire

In our mind every day thousands of thoughts are born. But there is the most intimate, which we Holim and cherish - a dream. We wish that they were filled as quickly as possible. In this article you will learn how to do it.

Esotericism allocate 5 basic rules of execution of any desires. Knowing them, you will be able to implement all your dreams.

Terms of fulfillment of desires / istockphoto.com

Desire must have implementation period

It is not enough to write "I want to To buy an apartment». It is necessary to specify the period of performance. Of course, it must be real. If you now have a penny in his pocket, it is hoped that within a year you will have a flat in the capital can be used only when you shine a will. Calculate the real deadlines, and your desire to enter them.

Formulate a desire in the present tense

How to do it correctly? No need to write "I want an apartment." Correct: "I buy an apartment in a certain year." This technique will allow you to visualize and desire to attune themselves to its implementation.

Believe in dreams

Remember that in the Bible? "According to your faith will be given to you." You must believe that wish will be granted. Do not let negative thoughts the unreality of the desire to appear in your head. They can disrupt the execution flow.

Desire should bring you joy

You do not have to dream to buy a car, to spite her husband. Or go to Bali to Sveta neighbor envious. When the promise of desire is negative, it will not come true. The desire must come from the heart, then the greater the chance that it will come true.

Let go of the dream

If your whole life will revolve around the desire, nothing good will come of it. You want a car and working three jobs for this? Your dream is to bring you joy, not fatigue. But sit on the ground, hoping that you all bring on a silver platter, it is not necessary. You have to act, but not to "kill" himself in order to fulfill a dream.

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