New Moon August 30, 2019: The time of unprecedented opportunities

It is time to sign eventsSome even call it magic.

In 13 hours 37 minutes of New Moon will be in Virgo, and we all have a chance to radically change their lives. Astrologers look like: if you planning something for a long time delayed the project and did not dare to begin to change your life, do this step today, you do not have to look for motivation.

Moon will contribute to the transformation came the best moment for self-realization and occurrence in the reality of all of your ideas, August 30. It is important that you feel the urge to change and persevere.

Since that time, it will affect not only the moon to us, but also Mars, it is necessary to follow the emotions, not to allow the situation to deteriorate.

Venus' proximity to the moon fills the day with romantic vibrations, this means that you can deal with not only business, but also to arrange a date. Also day friendly relations, which have reached an impasse when partners show a desire to be together, then it is today, they can reach a key agreement and to stay together or break up finally.

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