Ideas inexpensive gifts to children on New Year's Eve

New Year holiday period is typically the most expensive family budget. Here and in the organization of the feast, and trips to the guests, and gifts, and children's matinees, and traveling on winter vacation - all the way or the other have to spend a lot of money. If you want to congratulate a lot of kids (relatives, friends, classmates of your children, etc.), then definitely need a budget option for a present.

It is important to remember that the gift must be reasonable in value, but not cheap in quality. If things oblazit paint or it fades, if it's just something unnecessary from your home or a gift from someone, if it's cheap Chinese toys with an unpleasant odor and acidic shades - that everything is better not to give the child to the New Year and any other celebration.

Here are a few options for inexpensive gifts for the children, for which you are grateful and they, and from parents.

Sweets, cakes

Kids love sweets - and the shops are filled with options sweet gifts. But ready-made set of chocolates is usually only attractive in appearance - to filling manufacturers often save. Because a gift is better to collect yourself: buy the necessary goodies and beautifully packaged in a gift bag.

If you have the time, desire, and opportunity - to prepare their own sweets. For example, home candy, marshmallows, cakes, cookies. Well, if you have a positive experience in their manufacture, because on the eve of the New Year did not have time to experiment.

If you do not want to bother with cooking - buy ready-made sweets. There are plenty of confectioners who make useful sweetness from the fruit without added sugar, shaped cakes, marshmallows from natural ingredients.

Books Christmas Tale

Wonderful tradition - when parents read to your child at bedtime. And during the Christmas holidays more than ever is a book with a themed fairy tales and stories. And at another time of the year again, Christmas tales help to feel the spirit of magic and welcoming holiday atmosphere.


Puzzle excellent train motor skills, memory, logic - and interesting pictures on the puzzles make this an attractive leisure activity for children. If a large puzzle you need a lot of perseverance and a place to put them, the pictures on the 500 elements even fit fidgets. Kids, of course, is to give puzzles suitability age: with large parts and a small number of items. For the little ones will suit the game, where you need to find a couple or 3-4 pieces put together.

Creator's Kit

They can be very diverse - it depends on the child's interests. Set of pencils, inks, colored pens, brushes, markers, modeling clay, colored paper, crayons, album or notebook creative, coloring, Set of colored paper, or colored cardboard. For most children a gift that allows you to do - almost a win-win. For older children, suitable kits for crafts, making jewelry from beads.

Piggy bank as a symbol of the year

Piggy useful and financially literate child, and to whom has yet to learn how to handle their own finances. Personal money in today's children may appear as early as 5-6 years, because this age piggy bank will be very appropriate.

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