4 main myth about motherhood

Many women do not want to have children just because they believe in these myths.

stereotypes pregnancy motherhood and would not be there if it was not shown on real examples. But individual cases - is no reason to think that you'll be exactly the same. Here are some of the most common myths believed by women who have no children.

Pregnancy spoils figure forever

This is one of the main fears of women who have never given birth. Indeed, pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood - a lot of stress for the female body as a whole and in particular figures. Someone postpartum quickly get rid of excess weight, some slower, and some do not gaining it. In some women have stretch marks, despite the meticulous care of the skin, while others simply do not have them without any special tools.

In fact, the return of the figure after giving birth does not special recipes and special secrets: just right and moderate eating, to move, to be outdoors. And the skin is tightened more quickly - it must nourish and moisturize. Female body needs care, love, acceptance, and a little rest - and then the figure will be perfect.

= Small child sitting in the four walls

Some women face a lack of social life after giving birth - but not all. In the first couple of months, my mother needs rest to recover, to get accustomed to a new role, to the child, set the day mode. Most baby can be harmful to be in crowded places, because it can easily pick up a virus. But this does not mean home confinement.

If the master sling and enlist the support of friends or relatives - it is quite possible to find time for self-care, entertainment and meetings with other adults. Also, are now actively developing this type of fitness when mothers are engaged with the little ones, there are also cinemas for parents with kids.

Woman after childbirth becomes uninteresting, degraded

For the first time after giving birth a woman's life is so turned upside down, her absent-mindedness is understandable. She takes care of the clock the whole person, it provides food, warmth and comfort, walking, entertainment and healthy sleep.

A woman has to remember a lot of new information: how to feed, how to bathe, how to put to bed, how to dress, what signs of disease which knows how to give first aid as to deal with colic, what is right and what is not, what kind of phone the pediatrician which vaccinations and when to do, how to diagnose the color content of the diaper - her head is filled with this information.

But it is by immersion of women in child care is now dependent on the life of the little man. It may seem that it can not think and talk about something else, but this woman stage manager acts as a huge and important project, because naturally all her thoughts turned there. That is intellectual ability is not lost - they are just busy toddler. Also play a role hormones that cause the very maternal instinct.

As soon as life comes to normal, and a woman has the time and energy on yourself - in her life returned to the old interests again.

Childbirth hinders career

If your position allows you to keep a nanny - it break in your career and you do not need. If neither the nurse nor the grandmother can not help you, then the Decree can be an excellent occasion to rethink his career. You might want to develop in a different direction and make, for example, on his hobby. Also, the labor market requires a lot of remote employment vacancies - then the work is quite possible to be combined with the decree.

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