Lunar calendar of hairstyles on July 2018: auspicious days

Our ancestors cutting hair was considered a magical ritual that helps to get rid of all evil and increase vitality. Therefore, a haircut for a long time to not only please you with its appearance, but also went on to benefit your energy, you need to choose the right day to visit the beauty salon. What days according to the lunar calendar, the most prosperous in July?

There is a simple rule, if you want to postpone the long trek to the barber - Striga a waning moon. Grow hair?To grow hair fasterplan your trip to the beauty salon on the growing moon. Also, there are days in which hairstyle will help youget rid of the negativity, or, on the contrary, lead to a decline in strength.


It is best to schedule a visit to the beauty salon in the middle of the month, just after the new moon.The most successful days for beauty treatments from 14 to 17 July. Mowing will please you with its appearance in this period, andhair grow back quickly after it. Also at this time, you can plan the hair coloring and perm.

From 1 to July 9, Venus will be in the constellation of Leo. Therefore, you may want to draw attention to himself, to make changes in your appearance, make hair more bright and original.If you prefer a short haircutand you do not need hair to grow too fast, you can enroll in a master barber at number 7 (after 16.00 on Kiev time), as well as 8, 25, 26 July 2018. But only a haircut, dye your hair, and make any other manipulations of these days it is not necessary to them. And remember that your hair will then grow very slowly.

istock-843301780After 10 July, Venus enters Virgo strict, so cometime classic feminine cuts, neat and symmetrical.
Adverse days for a hairstyle, Which can be easily harm the hair and its energy - 2, 13, 23, 24, 27, 30, 31; definitely should refrain from haircuts - 3, 4, 11, 12.
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