How to sew a skirt from an old T-shirt for 10 minutes: a master class

This new thing handy little girl in kindergarten and at school, and simply as a home clothes. And at the same time you will not experience cognitive dissonance, what to do with an old T-shirt.

And turn it into a nice skirt you get, even if you know of sewing... just sew on buttons. As easy as pie!

• unnecessary T-shirt - children (8-12 years) or adult;
• gum - 3.2 cm thick;
• tape measure or ruler;
• a piece of soap or chalk;
• sewing pins;
• spools of thread, contrasting color T-shirt fabric;
• 10 minutes of your time.

Yes, you will need to work a sewing machine and, although a pair of stitch seams, and you can have a friend or ask to do it in the nearest shop. In an extreme case - do a "spot" fine stitches manually.


So, you have chosen the t-shirt, from which decided to sew a skirt. Check again to her there was no spots and holes. Now we define the skirt length. You can measure with any skirt or daughter from the wardrobe to measure length on to the girl - from the waist to the proposed boundaries of the outer side of the thigh.


Now that you have the measurements, measure and mark on the canvas T-shirt top and bottom edges of skirts. Be sure to leave 2-3 cm allowance for elastics. Ready? Now cut the upper part of the T-shirts.


Tucking the upper edge skirts 2-3 cm and shear band bulavochkami or tack large stitches.


Now stitch, leaving a 2-3 cm free - through the hole in the belt in the day we gum.


Time inserted into the elastic skirt. How do you determine how long you need it? Elementary! Measure gum, tying it around the waist of the girl. Oh, and do not forget to add 2 cm to sew edges.


Gum paste using pins or clips, at the end or sew stitched by a zigzag edge.


It remains to sew belt where remained a pass through which we put gum.


Admire - skirt is ready! That's how it will look on your baby. We hope our workshop is useful to you to update your wardrobe for the summer daughter and save a little money for toys, books, entertainment.

Do not forget to share this master class, and with their friends.