The first signs of hearing problems in babies

Language development depends on the state of hearing your baby from birth. On what should focus in order to prevent problems?

Your Should I worry if my child sucks his thumb constantly? I hear the first sounds while still in the womb. Even if they are muted amniotic fluid. After the birth of the baby calms down at the sound of voices of parents. Every day during the first year of life the child becomes more acute sense of hearing. In addition, at this time my child is learning to recognize the sound source. This is assuming that there are no abnormalities. And if there is? How can parents recognize the problem first? What are the symptoms and signs is important to take note of? Remember, the sooner you discover a problem with hearing and begin aggressive treatment, the better chance the child to hear.

Why do I get deafness?

Most of the hearing impairment in children have a genetic character. It is also common causes are:

  • Low birth weight (under 3.3 kg);
  • rubella or cytomegalovirus during pregnancy;
  • and undiagnosed chronic ear infection

About the importance of early diagnosis

Hearing problems are among the most common birth defects in the world. When the first symptoms that something was wrong - contact your doctor. Early diagnosis and treatment can improve the situation as early as 3 years. To date, there are hearing aids and therapy for newborns. Ask your pediatrician, where you can make the hearing screening for newborns. It consists of two simple tests that can be done even during sleep baby.

Signs of lack of hearing problems

2-3 weeks

  • Shudders, she cries when the phone rings.
  • Stop crying and calm down when he heard the voice.

1 month

  • He is trying to find the source of the sound eye.
  • Throws suck if my mother began to speak during a feeding.
  • Worried because of the noise: blinks, frowns, compresses cams.

2-3 months

  • Next look for a rattle.
  • Reacts to the doorbell.
  • It responds to the voice of loved ones, selecting them from other sounds.

3-5 months

  • He turns toward the sound.
  • Distinguishes intonation.

6-8 months

Utters the syllables "ba," "pa", "ma" by imitating adults.

9-12 months

  • Understands the request.
  • Says the first words.


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