April 2nd Day children's books: the best Ukrainian publishing house for children

Every year on April 2 to mark the International Children's Book Day. Holiday is intended to draw attention to the importance of reading children's literature to kids. The day chosen by chance - Hans Christian Andersen was born today.

For the first time this festival began to celebrate in 1967 on the initiative and decision of the International Board on Books for Young. Why is it important to introduce children to literature as early as possible?

International Children's Book Day April 2: What you need to know about the holiday / istockphoto.com

The history of children's book

Books for adults goes back many thousands of years. But children are a relatively recently - in the 17th century. Until that time, all the kiddies tell stories orally and tales and legends passed down from generation to generation. But in the 17th century "ice was broken" and began to appear the first books for children. Now the children's book - a separate line in the literature, and every year the kids can get acquainted with different products.

the importance of reading at an early age

In today's world, parents prefer more gadgets than a soft paper pages of children's books. And this, psychologists say, is a big problem. Entire generations glupeyut eyes. If you have a choice: a book or gadget - choose a book. Because children's literature:

- develops child's intelligence, The baby learns to articulate their thoughts, as well as enriching their vocabulary,

- improve the child's imagination. Gadgets show the full picture, children's book, even illustrated, is in the form of understatement, so the child can dream up;

- reading aloud instills an early age love of reading in future;

- book improves the relationship between parent and child. Read literally reduces the distance between adults and children, the book allows you to find common ground with the child.

International Children's Book Day April 2: What you need to know about the holiday / istockphoto.com

Ukrainian publishers of children's books

Even 20 years ago to find a book with colorful illustrations tender was problematic now this problem no longer exists. Every year on the shelves there are more children's literature in the native and foreign languages. What are the most popular Ukrainian publishing a children's book?

"Vidavnitstvo Old Leva" - specializing in children's literature. The book is filled with colorful illustrations of delicate Ukrainian artists.

"A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA" - a publishing house is considered a benchmark of quality children's books, and their "Abetka" with amazing verses and illustrations are not going out of fashion for many years.

"Ranok" - it focuses not only on developing children's literature, but also on training and stationery.

"Vesko" - a publishing house prints and children's books, and a questionnaire for girls, coloring books, puzzles and more. The book is published in Ukrainian and Russian languages.

"Chornі vіvtsі" - uniqueness of children's books publishers in that its labeling as a sheep show the recommended age for each book read.

"Vladis" - mainly the publishing house specialized in children's educational books. If you need a colorful encyclopedia, then you go to the right address.

Exhibition of children's literature

The largest exhibition dedicated to children's books, held in Lviv. Nearest "Children's Forum - Children Readings Festival" Knigomaniya " It will be held on 17-19 May 2019. For three days, the organizers will introduce children and their parents with the news of children's literature, as well as learn to love books.

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