5 myths about children's cough, in which still believe parents

You consider yourself an expert in the fight against child coughing? Check if you do not follow common myths about how it should be done.

Cough - a familiar problem and, at first glance, it is not serious. And every family has its own set of recipes of struggle against cough. But whether they are justified? Here are some common myths about children's cough, which can significantly complicate the course of the disease.

Cough - not a reason to see a doctor

Indeed, cough, runny nose and colds can be treated independently, with no serious drug and the more antibiotics. However, in order to make sure that the cough does not pose a threat to the child's health, it should listen to the pediatrician. Do not hesitate to see a doctor for such a "trifling" problem, spend a little time, to hear him confirm that the treatment is really quite abundant warm drinking.

In fact, people without proper education often can not correctly determine the severity of the disease. Progressive parents will be to the last hope for something that does not need any medication, except for warm tea, and grandmothers worried every expectoration will suspect pneumonia. Truth - in the survey competent doctor.

The cough to cure as soon as possible

Coughing brings a lot of inconvenience ailing child - and even more of a concern to his parents. Of course, they want to quickly get rid of the kid from the torment, because in the course can go radical antitussive medication. However, always worth remembering that he cough - not a disease but a defensive reaction of the organism. In this way, it is cleared by mucus, dust and microbes. If you give a child an antitussive medication - all negative factors linger inside and lead to a bacterial infection. Then antibiotics will be inevitable.

In the treatment of cough it is important to turn it from a dry to wet. This requires mucolytics, and wet and cool air around. In any case, before you make a decision about medication, you need to consult a pediatrician who leads your child.

The child's body itself to cope with cough

This is partly true, but the problem is that the body of the child's disease develops much faster than in the adult. In newborns, pneumonia develops in a few hours, but in older children cough that lasts for several days without improvement, can say that he moved into bronchitis. To the doctor should be treated with any coughing, but in some cases it is necessary to make immediately:
  • cough does not sleep, increases with each passing day
  • child coughs 3 weeks
  • the temperature has risen
  • in parallel with a cough is present bowel disorder, and / or loss of appetite.

Coughing child need extra warm

When the country had no central heating and had to be heated in the oven - it made sense to put the child beside her, so it does not supercooled further. However, in today's world, we can regulate the temperature in your home. And health standards should not exceed 24 degrees. Separately, it is worth noting that the child at this temperature should not be wrapped in warm clothes, except that it chills.

The optimum temperature in a room for a patient with cough would be about 20-22 degrees. The room must be ventilated often desirable that the air is moistened by a special device or by the presence of a water basin, houseplants. Dress the baby should be on his own (not your) feelings, if it is already at an age when he can say it is cold or hot.

In addition, we recall that we should not bring down the temperature to 38.5. With increasing temperature, the body fights infection - and reception antipyretic interfere with this process. If the child feels well enough to, for example, sleep, do not act up, do not cry, not hysteria, let us once again the medication is not necessary.

It is clear that in the case of young children perspective to shoot down the temperature during the night the parents are not happy. If bedtime is clearly visible trend towards its increase to the critical - it is better to light a candle or give a syrup - and then a child, and his parents will be able to get some sleep.

Cough well help steam inhalation

Breathe on hot potatoes or decoction of herbs - common means of folk medicine home. Why do you think that this will help when you cough or other diseases? These steam treatments emerged in an attempt to replace them visiting the baths.

As is known, in the recent past was considered an excellent tool room, the restoration of health. Due to what it produced the desired effect? At the high temperature in the bath rises and the body temperature - up to 38-39 degrees. At the ailing organism there is increased production of natural interferon, considerably activates the immune system.

However, inhalation of vapor over the pan, covered with a towel, this effect does not occur. The maximum that can be achieved - a breath of moist air. But much more useful would be if it is wet throughout the house and breathe them, you will constantly.

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