7 products that can replace meat: if you lean on the menu

There are products that can compete with the meat - source of protein, vitamins, iron and other nutrients. Those who adhere to lean menu is especially important to know which foods can replace meat in the diet.

Lenten menu should be not only delicious, but also useful, contain all essential vitamins, Minerals, essential amino acids and other nutrients.


The use of meat primarily in the fact that it contains a protein - needed for the construction of the cell, as well as B vitamins, zinc and iron - a very important component for the health of the body. What about those who have decided to fast and give up at the time of the meat? Find out which products other than meat contain beneficial substances for the body and can temporarily or completely replace meats in the diet.

Sunflower seeds and nutsThey have an excellent composition of amino acids and proteins, but it should be remembered that they are fairly high-calorie product.

pulse: soy, beans, peas, lentils equivalent to meat protein content, in addition rich in iron, calcium, and cholesterol in these foods of plant origin is not at all.


The combination of rice and beans fully satisfy the body margin of the highest quality proteins.

Buckwheat. The content of essential amino acids in the protein of buckwheat is considered an equivalent substitute for meat products, and to digest such a product is much lighter than meat.


mushrooms - a great alternative to meat, they are rich in protein, B vitamins, vitamin E, selenium sources. In addition, mushrooms quickly and permanently satisfy hunger.

Dairy productsIt includes a complete set of amino acids and is easily digestible. Most Valuable yogurt - fresh, it is best to cook your own yogurt, at home.


Fish and seafoodrich proteins ydom, B vitamins, omega-3, iron, more easily absorbed by the body than meat and contain less cholesterol.

And be sure to ask about is it possible to lose weight, if we exclude from the diet of meat