Named beverage preventing liver cancer

By 50% reduces the risk of developing cancer of the liver drink that is accessible to everyone.

Scientists have shown that coffee does not give cancer cells to divide and multiply, regular consumption of caffeine reduces by half the risk of developing this disease.

This is the conclusion drawn by researchers from Ireland. According to them, only one cup of coffee in the morning not only reduces sleepiness indicators, but is struggling with one of the most common form of liver cancer. This is due to the polyphenols substances in the composition of the coffee beverage.

We watched hundreds of thousands of people, three quarters of which is constantly consumed coffee. According to our information, they are 50% less likely to come across to hepatocellular carcinoma, which accounts for 90% of the organ tumors than people who do not drink coffee.
However, people who want to protect their liver, it is also worth thinking about smoking cessation, weight reduction and reducing alcohol in the diet. The elimination of these risk factors brings even more benefits in the fight against cancer.

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