The best books for teaching English to children

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Bilingual books are the kind of developmental literature that your child will definitely need.

Especially if you prioritize learning foreign languages, including English. It’s no secret that in our globalized time this is even more relevant. Anglomon terminology dominates in business, IT sciences, natural sciences, mathematics and humanities. And learning a language, apparently, is better than learning, if you are sure to get used to the methodical memorization of “small portions.” The product is presented, apparently, intended for a child audience and covers a wide age gap.

Books for early childhood development are often made from English-language materials. Of course, they focus on the elementary principles and begin to smell the little ones of the simplest. This is what “Storytelling” looks like. English for children in stories with a teacher in the erysipelas,” which is inspired in a playful manner and may engage children from the first story. A book like this is perfect for restless first-graders, and it presents the material unobtrusively, easily, not just in the middle of a lesson, but on a fun outing. Low-quality literature adapts the plots of Disney cartoons into English for children, so befitting little ones. I have great respect for the Disney video. First words in English. Let us learn the parts of the body from Dana.” This cardboard book introduces children to the words that represent all other parts of the human body, and opens them to the unknown world of foreign language. Folding is the Disney version. English is easy. “Krizhan’s Heart”, which not only reflects the famous cartoon story, but also to the right, which will help you acquire new vocabulary. Who among the kids wouldn't want to hear the story about Aladin again? Vaughn has appeared several times in a series of Disney cartoons. This plot is retold in the book “I love English. Aladdin / Aladdin. My first English library.” And the publication “English Cossacks No. 3 + Dictionary” is adapted to the school curriculum from English language and is suitable as a reading class.

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What should I use for supplements?

You can buy second-hand books for up to three older children. This is the book by Hans Christian Andersen “The Snow Queen (I read in English).” Adapted to an English version, the story, known from childhood, does not become less useful. It is noteworthy that this text is accompanied by low lexical and grammatical skills, which help to consolidate acquired knowledge. A similar technique was inspired by the video “Alice in the Land of Wonders. I am reading in English" by Lewis Carroll and "The Song of Songs in Prose. I read in English" by Charles Dickens. The understanding of basic texts and developmental rights will be even more important for children of early and middle school age. Subscribers will enjoy the collection “Detective Stories / Detective Stories (I read in English).” Before her, there were English-language texts by Gilbert Keith Chesterton, H.G. Wells and Arthur Conan Doyle. Without a doubt, this is a classic of world literature that does not lose its relevance. However, if we abstract ourselves from the audience of children, we can see materials for students and the older generation. In this case, we recommend that you pay attention to the self-reader “A set of cards for learning English words “Easy Start” 1000 flash cards.”

Adapted books in English can be bought in Kiev, and similar books for children can be bought in Kharkov, Mykolayiv, Odessa, Lviv, and in all these places, where there are well-established stores in the “Bookstore “Y”” network.

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