4 rules of nutrition for problem skin

The beauty of the face and the body starts with your dish and its contents.

Unfortunately, to get rid of acne and acne using a single power supply fail. The root cause of their appearance - problems with hormones. Because if your skin suffers greatly from acne - the problem must be solved complex: a beautician, dermatologist and the endocrinologist. Even in severe cases, adjustment of power helps to achieve better results and is a mandatory part of the therapy.

If you think your skin problem, but acne does not accompany you 365 days a year, the changes in the diet completely will help you regain a radiant and healthy look.

Here are a few important rules power that must be met for people with skin problems.

More healthy fats

By useful are fatty dairy products, avocados, fatty fish, nuts, olive oil. These products will allow your skin to be nourished, moisturized. With beneficial fats sebaceous glands back to normal - it means there will be less acne and inflammation, the skin will be cleaner.

Unhealthy fats should be minimized, and ideally - be excluded. This hot dogs and sausages, fatty meats, fried foods, chocolate and all the pastries with butter or margarine.

less carbohydrates

Sugar triggers the inflammatory processes in the body. If your skin is, and so is prone to inflammation, the excess sugar quickly manifest on it. Accordingly, from the diet to exclude confectionery with added sugar (fruit sugar candy without dopolnitelnogl can be left), white bread, pizza, alcohol.

Less hot spices and coffee

Alas, the coffee is also able to make your skin more oily and acne-covered. Spices should be replaced by those that do not have acute. It is also desirable to minimize the addition of salt.

More vitamins B, C and E

A lot of Vitamin C is in the black currants, cabbage, bell peppers, citrus fruits. B vitamins are found in legumes (lentils, beans, my), dried fruits, carrots, eggs, tomatoes and beef. These vitamins contribute to good cleaning body from harmful substances that clog it up to the skin.

Vitamin E is found in leafy vegetables, avocados, nuts, seeds, egg yolk. He helps the skin to put elastic.

As you can see, to deal with skin problems, it is sufficient to adhere to the principles of proper balanced diet. To the rejection of the usual goodies was not for the body to unnecessary stress, do it gradually.

First, give up on what you like from a prohibited least. For example, sandwiches with butter or chocolate. When life without them will enter into a habit - cross out one more harmful product, finding it a useful substitute. So you protect yourself from the failures and the neuroses, clean your skin and body as a whole.

You will be interested to know as the pursuit of nutrition can become a disease.