Women's sweater for the winter: Trends 2020

Warm sweater - one of the essential attributes of coziness and comfort in the cold winter weather.

Female sweater perfectly with skirts, trousers, Jeans and shorts. However, not to be mistaken with the choice of a suitable model, it should explore all the nuances of fashion sweaters this winter.

trend white

White sweater will be incredibly important in the new season. Models of fine yarn perfectly fit into a sports bow. The white color looks neat and cozy, and in gloomy cold winter it will add a bright mood of its owner and those around her.


The strip is held at the height of fashion for several years, but still remains an actual one more season, and it can often be seen on women's sweaters. This choice is not surprising, because it is such a trendy print adds a special stylishness warm cozy things.

Knitted with decor

In fashion sweater decorated with different kinds of ties. Variants may be somewhat from a lacing zone lacing on cleavage until shoulders prokinut through the sleeve.

Crop models

Women with an ideal waist is perfect for short model sweater. At the same time it can be combined with any bottom, whether it be pants, jeans or skirt inflated. In order to look fashionable and elegant, you can wear a cropped sweater with a form-fitting dress. In 2020, in the shortened pattern trend associated different patterns, bright colors and emphasis on the unusual form of the sleeves, for example, in the form of a bell.

Sweater oversayz

Huge women's sweater, as if borrowed from the broad-shouldered partner in life - is another trend of the autumn and winter 2019-2020 year. Although oversayz fashions became popular a few years ago, they still have not lost their relevance. After all, the bulk trendy sweaters only underline the fragility and femininity.

Sweater Golf

In the autumn and winter 2019-2020 years will be fashionable form-fitting sweaters, socks made of fine yarn-like sweatshirt with a high collar.


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