“Tired of this work, I’ll find something quieter, nothing, we’ll hold out,” the husband said to his wife

From the very beginning, it was so in Arseny's family. He is the head of the family, he is engaged in providing for children and his wife, and his wife is a housewife, she takes care of the children. And everyone was happy with everything. As Alina herself said, she likes exactly this alignment. Her husband is a businessman, she and the children do not need anything. Two cars, a four-room apartment, a plot outside the city, everyone is always full and dressed. At sea once a year, holidays in restaurants.

“Tired of this work, I’ll find something quieter, nothing, we’ll hold out,” the husband said to his wife

And then Alina had to urgently leave on business, on the way back her car broke down, and she did not have time to pick up her daughter from the kindergarten. Alina called her husband, he said that he would pick it up himself. So the teacher did not want to give his daughter to him! Of course, he was last in the garden a year ago. No, Alina had no complaints about her husband about this, and indeed about no other. But the situation is unpleasant. The teacher really did not want to give up the child, she asked Ksyushenka who this man was, and even Alina called to make sure that everything was as she was told.

And after all, the teacher, of course, is a fine fellow, she is so vigilant, but on the whole it was unpleasant for her husband. He was not angry with the teacher, he became angry with himself. After this incident, he went for two days lost, and then came with tickets to the sea for the whole family. Only before Arseny took his laptop with him, checked his mail every morning, called someone, but now he was unrecognizable. He only occasionally picked up the phone, if it was very urgent, and the rest of the time he would say: business will wait, family is more important.

In the evening, Arseny decided to talk to his wife. He said that he was tired of his job, that he would get a job somewhere else, would work until six, and spend more time with his family. He was severely knocked down by that incident in kindergarten, Alina even began to quietly hate the teacher, climbed more. And Arseny began to think about the meaning of his existence. He gets up - the children are asleep, he returns from work - everyone is already asleep again. Arseny gets very tired, he may even fall asleep at the dinner table, and practically does not see his children and wife. But he never complained about his life! And then suddenly everything turned upside down.

Alina is not at all happy with this:

- In our family, men have always worked, and women were at home, doing housework and children. We see our dad only on Sundays, and even then, he can break down on business. But we go to the sea every year, we absolutely do not need anything. Many people live like this, I'm used to it already. And now he decided to quit. You see, life passes by him.

Alina is not used to living differently. She does not understand how a family with two small children will exist on a penny. And all this is due to the whim of her husband. After all, Arseny did not just say that, and forgot, he already looked after a place for himself and even found a part-time job. And the wife soothes:

- Alin, well, many of our friends live like this. Look, look, everything is fine with the Ivanovs, Lenka's salary is 3 times less than mine, his wife is at home too, two children, and they do not live in poverty. And I'm tired of this work, I'll find something quieter, nothing, we'll last

Arseny would have known what was going on in their family! Svetka has to save a lot so as not to die of hunger, and they rest outside the city by the river. And Lyonka himself wears the same shoes both in winter and in summer.

Alina decided to fight for her well-being, she is not going to live in poverty. He is trying to reason with Arseny, but he is not in any way. He says that people need food and shelter to be happy, there will always be money for food, but there is already an apartment, the main thing is that everyone is together. There they almost got to the point of divorce!

What do you think about this situation? Is it better to live economically, to deny yourself in many ways, but next to your loved ones? Or shouldn't you give up a good job for this, and doom your family to an incomprehensible existence?

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