Why do customers of cafes and restaurants tip waiters?

To be honest, I don’t understand at all why it is customary for us to leave tips to waiters. It would be interesting to hear who and what thinks about this! Well, look, you come to some institution, place an order, and it is passed on to the kitchen. The cooks prepare for you, so why do you leave a tip to the waiters? In fact, those who do nothing at all, depriving those who are trying for you?

Why do customers of cafes and restaurants tip waiters?

My friend absolutely always, regardless of the order, leaves the waiters 10% of the total cost. This is her choice, I do not blame her, but I really wonder why she does this?

It turns out that you need to thank the waiters for simply doing their job. And they receive a tip, as well as payment for their work from the employer.

But what about, say, kindergarten teachers? Situation: one teacher quit, there is a shortage of staff, and the other is given another group. And she has to work in two shifts, serving 50 children for two with a nanny! The nanny simply does not have a minute to rest, she needs to serve 50 pots, wash 50 plates, the same number of cups and spoons.

All this is maintained in a frantic rhythm, the weekend is only to lie and not move at home. And now the release of children, and the parents give a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates. And that's it! And you must admit that the work of a teacher and nanny in a kindergarten is much more responsible than the work of a waiter! These people are responsible for the health and life of babies, they prepare children for school, they teach them to read, to behave well. And that's their job.

So tell me, why should I thank the waiters in the cafes for something? And after all, they still do this kind of displeased, when you do not leave anything for them, as if I have to do it! A friend tells me that this is just such a tradition. And I don’t understand why I should do this. This is some kind of scatter of money. Why do we not leave tips to people of more significant professions, and leave them to the waiters? Are they special?

You come and just pick up the child from the kindergarten, and do not leave a tip to the teacher for the fact that she spent the whole day with him. You go to the hospital to see a doctor, he prescribes pills for you, and that's it! You don’t give him money for tea. Yes, we never do that, so why then did such a tradition of tipping the waiter appeared?

Why don't we tip supermarket sellers? We, on the other hand, can even make a whole scandal if they don't give us change in ruble! And the waiters need to be given, so it is customary. This is a tradition!

Explain to me someone! The cook prepares the dish, and the waiter simply brings it to the table, two steps from the kitchen back and forth, that's it! If we do not like the dish, we make a complaint to the chef. We return to the cafe again and again not because of the waiters, but because we liked the cuisine there!

I have a favorite cafe in another city. Sometimes we go there with my husband on business, and we always have lunch there. We return there not because the waiters smile at us, but because we really like how they cook there.

And the essence of the question is precisely why it is necessary to leave a tip to the waiters, for what? I even agree to leave them to the chefs, because they really deserve it. The same can be said about taxi drivers who simply take us to the right address. What kind of tradition is this to leave them a tip, and so they normally receive for their work?

And now I want to hear from you! Do you tip the waiters and why?

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