I dyed my hair with new paint: it has been on gray hair for 3.5 weeks + I receive compliments to the color

I am not one of those women who enjoy going to beauty salons. And most of all, I do not like hair coloring. This is a real test for me sit with paint on my head, waiting. Smells in the salon start to hurt a head, and now these masks still do not save, but aggravate.

I am not encouraging anyone to dye their hair at home. Do whatever is more convenient. I have a solid color in a color close to my own. Therefore, it turns out to cope on its own. I never take household paints in supermarkets, nowadays, when there are affordable professional paints, I see no reason to take household paints. It's just heaven and earth.

I try about different professors available. paints with which it is easy to paint yourself at home without experience. My hands not for boredom do not grow from the shoulders, and one cannot expect professionalism in coloring from oneself. I need it easy and simple. And beautiful.

Why do I dye my hair

I started to dye my hair because of the gray hair. I liked my hair color very much and I pulled it to the last. But the gray hair took its toll.

My number one challenge paint over gray hair.

My hair is naturally very porous and dry. After the first staining, this problem, of course, worsened. Why? When we dye our hair, our natural pigment is partially replaced by an artificial one. Dyed hair clogged artificial pigment then he washed up voids are formed in the hair. That is why the hair immediately after dyeing is livelier, thicker, more shiny. And as they wash out, they become dull, dry and lose their appearance.

My task number two make hair lively and shiny.

How to paint over gray hair at home

Colorists choose 6% oxide for working with gray hair. If there is very little gray hair, or the hair is very thin, sometimes 3% is taken. If there is a lot of gray hair or it is hard (vitreous), then BEFORE the usual coloring, pre-pigmentation or preliminary loosening of the hair cuticle is done.

I have a detailed article on this topic, below I will leave a link.

At home easier to use pre-loosening. To do this, BEFORE staining, apply 6% oxide on the gray hair for 20-30 minutes, then gently remove it with a napkin. DO NOT wet!

The oxide loosens the hair cuticle and the pigment penetrates into it more easily and deeper. Consequently, it then holds on better and does not wash out longer. After this procedure, we apply the usual paint + oxide composition. Don't be afraid that your hair will deteriorate in some way.

My coloring algorithm lightweight and efficient

For myself, I have not yet done preliminary loosening, but more than once I painted my friend like this. She has about 50% gray hair. "Finally, the paint won't wash off after 2 weeks." says a friend.

I paint like this: first I make a composition for the roots with 6% oxide, I paint the roots. Next, I mix the paint with 1.5% oxide and simply tint the hair, clogging it with pigment. But periodically I take 3% for the length. Like this time.

The six brightens the hair a little, and the three not. Therefore, girls, for the roots I take a darker paint, and for the length one tone lighter. My big mistake consisted in the fact that before I took and painted the roots and length with the same paint on different oxides. And in the end, she scored the lower part of her hair with a dark color. It looks ugly.

This time I decided to try Kezy paint, it is an Italian brand. It was very interesting for me to try their highly pigmented paint. Before that, I colored Kapous, and if we compare them by the saturation of the pigment, then Kapous this is watercolor, and Kezy gouache.

BEFORE / AFTER scroll through the gallery
BEFORE / AFTER scroll through the gallery

The pigment really turned out to be very rich, the hair color turned out to be deep. I was afraid that the color would turn out black, since the pigmentation is so strong. She washed off the paint, dried it and gasped. The color turned out very beautiful, but how it shimmered! Hair is alive, well-groomed and... very dense. The tail became thicker to the touch.

After dyeing, my hair always becomes thicker, but this time it turned out thicker than usual. Since I always paint in one tone, rarely anyone notices my stains. But this time I got a few compliments, girls, I think it's a breakthrough. "What a deep and cold color" one friend told me. The color plays and shimmers, and in a certain light it is really cool.

I painted on 19.01, and these photos are from 11.02. Already less dense to the touch, but still does not require staining, this is my record

Has passed 3 weeks with a ponytail, gray hair is still painted over, I deliberately waited for the time to write about the paint not immediately, but after the test of time. Previous paint was washed off from gray hair after 3 weeks or a little earlier. I am very happy, I will stop at Kezy for now. It is sold both on Wildbirds and in online stores, I will leave the widget for your convenience. Paint and oxide are sold separately, I took all of the same brand.

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