A woman who lives in a civil marriage cannot be called a wife!

When a man and a woman decide to live together on the same living space, having an intimate relationship, their cohabitation begins to be called a civil marriage. This is the most absurd term. I understand that to say to myself: "I am his partner" is very unpleasant, somehow rude, but it is so! A woman who lives with a man in a civil marriage can be called anything but a wife.

A woman who lives in a civil marriage cannot be called a wife!

This form of relationship was definitely invented by women. No, to live and not to sign, men came up with, and women decided to veil it all pretty, so that they would not be so offended.

When a man does not marry, he has to get out. In addition, every lady who is in cohabitation with a man has, so to speak, one foot in the registry office, although no one has planned to call her there yet. As soon as a woman realizes that the wedding is being postponed and postponed, she begins to make claims. But the man finds something to say: “why do we need a stamp, we are already married”, “now there is no time”, “not yet money ", etc. Women are led to such phrases, especially when they are seasoned with all kinds of compliments.

But the fact is that civil marriage is very convenient for men. They do not need to go to the registry office, while they get a cook, a laundress, a cleaning lady, an interlocutor, a mistress in the person of their partner. That is, they receive a lot from a woman, but at the same time they are not responsible for the woman with whom they live!

And then, in case of a quarrel, or, say, in the case of a man's betrayal, phrases appear, such as: "nothing keeps me here", "you no one for me ”, etc. It's so convenient that at any time you can take and leave the woman, and not stay in front of her. due. And no legal problems, right?

One of my acquaintances quickly put the roommate in his place when he decided to take an apartment on credit. She understood that the apartment would be his only, that he would invest monthly in a loan, and she would have to participate in repairs, buy food into the house, and it was not yet a fact that she would then be taken as a wife. The roommate was fluttering about something: "I'm trying for you, we are already husband and wife with you." But my friend is not a fool, she stood her ground, as a result, a month later she received an official offer, and then after the wedding, her husband took out a loan. Fairly, I think, well done!

In vain the ladies who live with men without painting call themselves their wives, and continue to cook dumplings for them and cook borscht, courting from all sides, and hoping that there will be a wedding soon. And it is not necessary to say that his apartment, taken by him on credit, is yours. According to the documents, nothing belongs to you, and in the event of your expense, you will not receive anything. Do you also have a joint budget? Well, well done! You have a perfect parody of the social unit. And, if you are still going to give birth to children in a civil marriage, then in general you are five with a plus. What, excuse me, do you have to be a fool to do such a thing? A man is afraid to take responsibility for you, and then there's a child!

Maybe one of the women will say that they themselves do not want to get married, that they are already satisfied with everything, that they do not want to tie the knot. Well, anything can happen, I don’t argue. Only more often than not it is only self-deception. A woman wants to get married, is waiting for her to be called, but her name is only for cohabitation, promising mountains of gold, but she is being led. And don't make excuses for your men, don't.

If your roommate is afraid of the stamp in the passport, then ask him how he feels when he renews his rights or receives sick leave. It is probably also very difficult for him? Or maybe he felt very bad when he was stamped with a residence permit? Maybe it's enough to believe him? What other excuses will he come up with so as not to marry you?

If your man is afraid to tell everyone that he is ready to live with you until the end of his days, in grief and joy, etc., this means that he simply does not need it. And tomorrow he will not change his mind, no, open your eyes!

I do not exclude such cases when a woman and a man have lived together all their lives, but never got married, and everything is fine with them. There are definitely minimal exceptions among civil couples. But you know, now old maidens are called not those women who lived up to 40 years as virgins, but those who have lived with one man for many years without having signed with him!

And here sits such a lady, who in a couple of days soraket, and her eyes suddenly open to everything that happens, and she begins to set conditions: either the registry office, or "dosvidos". Either she lives like this until old age in one civil marriage, then in another, then in a third. Women who live with men without a stamp in their passports cannot be called wives, they can be called whatever you like, but not wives, that's for sure!

Do you agree with me?

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