Breast cancer: how to reduce the risk of, says Komarovsky

Breast cancer - the most common type of cancer in women. In most cases, breast cancer can be treated if it is time to recognize and take action. Dr. Komorowski commented on the situation.

In any disease, there are risk factors that we are able to reduce. To do this, you need time to take action and do them. This means - to lead a healthy lifestyle, reconsider habits and eat properly.

Ways to reduce the risk of breast cancer

Yevgeny Komarovsky on his page on Instagramm outlined ways to reduce the risk of breast cancer:

1. Watch your weight. Excess weight provokes not only the occurrence of cancer, but also a host of other problems, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes.

2. Exercise regularly. Feasible exercise, such as walking, swimming, morning exercises - every available job.

3. Get enough sleep. Sleep at least 8 hours a day. This is a mandatory program of healthy lifestyle.

Breast cancer: how to reduce the risk of, says Komarovsky /

4. Eliminate alcohol and tobacco. It is no secret that alcohol exorbitant amount brings irreparable harm to health (this also applies to surrogate drinks - beer, alcoholic cocktails). Smoking is harmful in any quantity. It is also important that passive smoking is also harmful, because smokers are recognized as the greatest egoists in the world.

5. How can you breastfeed longer. According to WHO documents - up to 3 years. It is not only your health, but also a strong immune system and psyche of the child.

Tips are great for overall health. At least once in 1-2 weeks the self-examination of the breast - if detected any changes, it is necessary to address urgently to the doctor!

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