Midsummer 2019: the best greetings in verse and prose

Midsummer Day is celebrated on the night of 6 to 7 July.

During the day we will pour and fun to indulge.
Spletom flower wreaths, To keep them at the river.
By nightfall razvedom fire, we'll hop on the dispute.
Ask: "What is the fun?" This is the day of Ivan Kupala!

I came Ivan Kupala Day - On the river all and sundry.
There dances and bonfires, Hope and secret dreams.
With a wonderful holiday, friends!
we can not be sad today.
And it is better to weave a wreath
And with him to find his love!

We collect flowers and bouquets in plait,
Putting together all the dreams and desires of the hidden.
Empty the water wreath Let fate will find its way.
Each new spike, gave us a lot of strength.

Wreaths girls braid, pleasantly fragrant herbs,
huge bonfire flares - Our holiday begins!
On Ivan Kupala Waiting on all different fun:
a sunset swim and some water hosed.
We wish you joy and happiness of the sea, let the water wash away all the sorrow,
A fire will clear the way, you most happy either!

On the day of Ivan Kupala heartily wish wish generosity of fate and splendor of nature, clean water and a bright flame, spiritual healing and body vitality, good luck and prosperity in life.

Congratulations on the holiday of Ivan Kupala. I wish on his way to find his blooming fern, and which will make your heart blossom petals of happiness and love. Let your way to meet good people, let this day with you is a miracle will happen and no one! Health, grace and joy.

In celebration of Ivan Kupala sincerely I wish radiant joy of the soul and sincere love, good good and happy moments of life, incredible miracles and magic of fortune, a beautiful fairy tale life and great events.
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