Endocrinologist spoke about non-obvious symptoms that indicate problems with the thyroid gland

Thyroid problems are a very common problem that girls face.

Most often, problems arise due to many different reasons: from poor nutrition to regular stress. However, if everything is more or less clear with the reasons, then not everyone knows about the signs that indicate problems with the endocrine system. We suggest reading at once four non-obvious symptoms that may indicate a disease.

Sleep disturbance

Usually, the problem can be observed when after sleep you feel even more tired than before. Also, frequent interruptions in sleep and insomnia indicate failures. Your best bet is to test your T3 and T4 hormones. They are often the culprit for sleep problems.

Excessive sweating 

Excessive sweating is a major symptom of thyroid problems. This often indicates her hyperactivity. It works like this: the level of hormones in the blood increases, which stimulate metabolism and also increase energy levels. Because of these changes, the body begins to react with sweating. Moreover, it is usually impossible to hide its intensity with a deodorant.

Permanent anxiety 

You can blame yourself for being overly emotional. However, sometimes it is not so much about her as about the background arousal that provokes the work of the brain. This is due to the hormones that the thyroid gland is responsible for. When her work gets lost, anxiety becomes part of your daily life.

Malfunction of the digestive tract

Many people still do not know that the work of the thyroid gland is closely related to the intestines. The fact is that the hormones that the thyroid gland produces have many tasks. One of them is the control of the digestive tract. If there are many or few hormones, then colic in the intestinal area can become your constant problem.


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