Correction dysarthria in Ukraine: useful addresses the speech centers and clinics

Dysarthria - a speech disorder in which the child does not utter a lot of sounds, speaks very vaguely and as if the nose. In some centers and clinics in Ukraine carried out a correction of dysarthria in children?

Dysarthria is different degrees of severity, such as dysarthria erased - the most mild disease, most often it is difficult to distinguish from similar speech disorders. Severe dysarthria is characterized by slurred speech, which can be taken apart and jumbled speech - is a complete absence of speech. When anarthria child's speech is more like a bellow. What are the causes and symptoms of dysarthria and where to go if you notice any of them with your child?

Why a child does not speak /

The main signs of dysarthria:

  • quiet deaf speech;
  • the child says in the nose;
  • slurred speech;
  • often disrupted the structure of the proposal.

Causes of dysarthria:

  • toxemia during pregnancy;
  • hypoxia during labor;
  • postpartum asphyxia;
  • transferred meningitis, encephalitis;
  • Cerebral palsy.

Correction dysarthria in Kiev

Correction dysarthria in Ukraine /

Center for the development of speech
Address: city Str. Miropolskaya 8

Kyiv City mental hospital №5
Address: city Str. Smolensk, 8

Speech Center - speech center for children and adults
Address: City Str. Smolensk, to 31-33. 406

correction center and the development of speech Lohoped I Ya
Address: city Str. Olginskaya, 2/4

Logopaedic center Nightingale
Address: city Str. Mazepa, 18/29

Speech Correction Center
Address: city Str. Garmatnaya, 21/30

Logopaedic Intelligence Center
Address: city Str. Urlovskaya, 23B

Viva clinic
Address: City Str. Lavrukhina 6

Weekend Clinic
Address: city Str. Nicholas Borschagivka Boulevard Koltsov, 14z (office 202)

Logopaedic correctional center /

Smart Medical Center
Address: city Str. Tymoshenko, 19,

Medical Center Ditina
Address: City Str. ABOUT. Potter 59

Modern neuroscience center Aksimed
Address: City Str. ABOUT. Toumanyan 3

brain stimulation center
Address: city Kyiv, ave. Basil Porika 13b

Medical Center of Pediatrics OSOBLIVІ
Address: city Str. Khoriva 3a

Medical Center ilaya Family
Address: City Str. Regenerator 4, Bldg. 8/2

Clinic of healthy vessels
Address: city Str. Academician Williams 4

How to treat dysarthria in children /

Speech Center Magic
Address: City Kyiv, ave. Nicholas Bazhana 12, the first front door, floor 3, office 4

our doctor
Address: city Str. Sribnokilska 1

Correction dysarthria in Ukraine

Correctional center LOQUAR
Address: city Odessa, Nezhinskaya 46

Regional Psycho-pedagogical center
Address: City Dnepr Street. Patorzhinskogo, d. 13

Medical and logopedic center Svitava-Galician
Address: city Lviv, vul. Mazepa, 29

Center for Development and speech correction Lallio
Address: city Kharkiv, pr. Gagarin. 4

School right speech Rhetoric
Address: city Kharkiv, pl. Liberty, 8

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