TOP 5 happy and beautiful names for boys who will be born in 2020

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Astrologers and family psychologists have identified the lucky names for boys to be born in 2020!

The patroness of children born in 2020 will be the White Metal Rat.

She will give the guys developed intuition, sociability and affection for their family.

Boys at a young age will need all the attention of their parents, despite having many friends, family will always come first for them. They are vulnerable and sensitive, need support and love.

The rat is notable for its open character, but it needs personal space!

We offer you TOP 5 names for boys!

  • Yaroslav

A restless and inquisitive child who is drawn to everything new and knowledge that allows you to discover the secrets of the world.

  • Nazar

Such a boy will stand firmly on his feet, he will show strength at an early age, will be mobile and quite mischievous!

  • Maxim

A child named Maxim takes a certain position in life since childhood, he easily makes contact with both peers and adults.

Has a calm, even imperturbable character!

  • Igor
The Scandinavian name will give your child leadership qualities and will, he will delight you with kindness, responsiveness and optimism.
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  • Kirill

The child will be receptive and playful, the parents will become real friends for him!


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