Transport museums in Ukraine, which necessarily have to go with the kids

transport museum in Ukraine contain treasures that will please any connoisseur of the automobile industry. It trams, planes, buses, vintage cars, trains. Hiking in a museum - a great place for recreation with family or friends.

edition I made a selection of 8 interesting auto museums in Ukraine. Worth a visit.


Vinnitsa Museum collection vehicle models.
This museum is located in the winery near the Quay "Roshen." The museum was opened in 2016 by Alexander Vdovichenko (car and assistant of the department of transport management of Vinnytsia National Technical University). Theme of the museum - collection of transport model. machines and other models of vehicles, Alexander collects from 8 years. For 40 years, it has been collected about 40 thousand. models. Exhibits - cars and trucks at different scales. Also in the museum are models of military equipment. Some machines are available in several copies, which can be exchanged or purchased.


Aviation Museum.
In Ukraine, several museums dedicated to aviation:

• Museum of the history of civil aviation at the Kiev Institute of Engineers
Civil Aviation Authority (now - NAU).
• Military-Historical Museum of Military Air Forces of Ukraine in Vinnitsa.
• Museum of long-range aviation in Poltava.
• Konotopskiy Aviation Museum.
• Aviation Technical Museum in Luhansk.
• Airline History Museum in Kiev.
The latter of these, the most famous and largest museum. It covers 20 hectares and has a capacity of 70 military, civilian aircraft and helicopters. This museum is in the top ten air museums in the world. Located in Kiev, near the airport "Juliani."


Museum of National land transport.

It is located in Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky. The museum is built on the basis of the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of the Middle Dnieper. Museum area of ​​440 square meters. m. Opened in 1993. Here is the transport of XIX - the first half of the twentieth century, which was used residents of the Middle Dnieper. Transport systematized by types, structures, functionality. There are trucks and skids, and with wheels.


Technology Museum "Phaeton".
The exhibits of the museum - is cars with a body type Phaeton, trucks, cars, motorcycles. Also on location there is retro - cars. A total of 22 units of the exhibits. The oldest specimens of this truck GAZ-AA ( "lorry") in 1935 and the release of "Opel" in 1937. The museum opened in 2011. It located in Zaporozhye.


Kiev Metro Museum.
This museum was opened in 2000. It includes about 2.5 thousand. exhibits. Among them: photos, newspaper clippings, medals, documents are associated with the discovery and history of the metro in Kiev. There are two rooms in the museum. One room with exhibits associated with the construction, in the second information about the Service utility. Special attention workers assign the layout of the original species of the Dnieper station. The museum is located on the avenue of Victory 35, the city of Kiev.

Railway museum.
In Ukraine, many museums dedicated to the railroad. The most popular are those that present the locomotives of the twentieth century. More in museums is steam engine E (1952), the engine SB (1949) as well as retro cars. This is, in Kiev, Kharkov and Donetsk. Museum located at the main railway stations of these cities.

Vinnitsa tram museum.
Located on the territory of the tram depot. In his exposure are presentedphotographs and artifacts related to the history of the tram, transport enterprise development and exhibition of tramcars that traveled around the winery. It opened in honor of the 100th anniversary of Vinnitsa tram in 2013. Another surprise of the museum - a tour of the city in the German tram.

Museum of public transport.
In Kiev, there are two transportation museum. First - electric Museum opened in 1992 and is located on the street Usenko 7/9. It presents the history and exhibition of electric city. The second - the public transport museum was opened in 2015. Located on the street Vyborg 111. There are buses, trolleybuses, trams, vintage cars.


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