5 phrases from parents who want their child to grow up to be successful

Do you want your child to grow up to be successful? Study him, suggest suitable activities, instill love and say the following phrases to him.

Parents are the closest people to a child. This is his home and support in all problems and unresolved issues. A child shouldn't live in stress and should not prove something to someone with his life. Sometimes parents do not believe and mock the child, and the child, in spite of everything, does everything to prove that he can do anything.

The task for the parents is to create such conditions for the child to receive enjoyment of your life and from different activities.

Therefore, repeat the following phrases for your child:

"I love you".

The love of dad and mom must be unconditional, and the child must understand this.

"I never stop loving you when I'm angry or upset."

Many things children do not tell their parents, because they are afraid to upset them. But reading the first paragraph - parents' unchanging love and trust, no matter what.


"And what do you think?"

Ask your child for their opinion on different things. He needs to understand that his voice is important to you.

"I believe you will succeed, although it is not easy."

Teach your child that not everything in life happens easily and at will. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort and effort to achieve something. And you should be support for your child.

"Forgive me, I was / was not right."

Always ask forgiveness with your child. Just because he is younger than you does not mean that his feelings are irrelevant.

You will be interested to know phrases that you can't even say to yourself

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