Teachers' Day 2019: congratulations in verse, prose, for sms and short

Today, students and parents traditionally congratulated teachers on Teacher's Day, falls on the first Sunday in October.

Director of the school - a difficult burden,
Teachers are driving along.
As autumn comes the golden -
In the academic year you again, as if in battle.
And in this World Teachers' Day
thanks We tell you from the heart.
And in the case challenging the administrative
We wish success on the way!

Teacher - the proud title of that life are only the most honored and worthy! So let the teachers' hard everyday life bring only joy and be fruitful. Happy teacher congratulate you most beloved disciples.

You, the teacher, congratulations,
You are in a world of good,
Luck we wish,
To help you in all luck.

Happy World Teachers,
I wish you happiness under the sky of peace.
Respect, Honor,
And it is pleasant to work!

Teachers' Day 2019: congratulations in verse, prose, for sms / istockphoto.com

Although you have earned rest
And retired now,
Happy teacher congratulate
We want you today!
Life you have dedicated school

And students - do not count.
Be always healthy,
Glory to you, praise and honor!

teaching profession It combines the wisdom and youthful soul, creativity and tremendous energy, kindness and rigor! Your work is extremely difficult to estimate, it is not just price! You invest so much energy in his work, that sometimes take away your valuable attention from loved ones. We wish you to spend the holiday with his family. Love you, patience, happiness and prosperity!

Darling, everyone's favorite teacher! We hasten to congratulate you on your professional holiday and express my gratitude! Thank you for your choice of profession and your painstaking, hard work! Please forgive us all the mischief, we're not on purpose. But we know that you will always protect us, to listen and to give the right advice. Be always healthy, always let fatigue takes as his hand to prosperity allowed to love their job, and we, in turn, will always love you! Teacher's Day!

You will always have to wise counsel,
With patience, rigor, even
Teacher, do not be plagued of the year,
Thank you sincerely say.

You heart, teachers,
These lines dedicate.
Happy Teacher's Day today
You, colleagues, congratulations!

Teachers' Day 2019: congratulations in verse, prose, for sms / istockphoto.com

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