Why does the throat block during exercise and shortness of breath appears

Some people have a feeling of a lump in their throat, shortness of breath, and even something similar to choking during exercise.

It's all about the vocal cords and the small folds that appear next to the vocal cords. At the peak of physical activity, these places noticeably narrow, and a person does not have enough air.

From the side, sometimes you can even hear a wheeze like a stridor in a small child.

This happens to some young athletes. More often in girls. This is not the exercise asthma we have already discussed. This is different.

Laryngeal spasm is important to distinguish from bronchial asthma. Therefore, the athlete is examined up and down. In fact, one in ten is actually diagnosed with bronchial asthma. It is suspected that she somehow provokes seizures.

There are interesting tricks in diagnostics here. Since an incomprehensible spasm leaves and comes, sometimes nothing is visible between the attacks.


Therefore, the doctor sometimes recommends recording a selfie video. On such a video, it is desirable to show how the voice changes. Sometimes the doctor will instantly notice a stridor or similar wheezing that indicates the location of the constriction.

The video will show hoarseness, shortness of breath and all that.

The last time we discussed a selfie video was in the twitching eyelid story. It is also useful to record a video for the doctor there.


In the coolest version, the doctor will make an examination of such an athlete during physical activity on a bicycle or treadmill. A flexible optical device is inserted through the nose into the pharynx closer to the larynx and checked what happens there during exercise.

It is also interesting that a speech therapist will be involved for training. They teach special exercises to deal with the spasm.

Have you heard about lumps in the throat of nervous people? And here there will be real shortness of breath and wheezing. A very scary thing.

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