Trinity 2019: the best Christmas greetings

Congratulate your loved ones with the bright day of the Holy Trinity.

Today is a holiday quiet and bright -
The Holy Trinity has come!
And I want to wish this day
You health and warmth!
Eyes shine, shine face
The fire of love and kindness.
Let the day come to pass Trinity
Everything is what you dream of!

In such a joyful holiday, I wish
Good in the family and peace in the house.
And may the Holy Trinity
Stores love, abundance in it!

May the joy comes in every home,
With her Holy Trinity,
It will cover all of the wing,
From the troubles and sorrows of saving!

Spirit descended on this day holy,
Giving people happiness and peace.
May you grant it health,
A life filled with light and love.
Let the bad in your life will be reduced,
It will go away and never come back!
A good let double,
I wish you in the Feast of Pentecost!

Summer came, Trinity came.
I wish you happiness and warmth.
Rejoice and laugh, faint - a sin.
Let the sun shine
Every day in the window.
Forget grudges, people are helped.
Never in life you do not lose faith.

Aromatic herbs decorate his house,
Admit to yourself grace.
After Trinity gives hope for happiness
And learn to forgive wrongs!

Let the light you bring Trinity
Smiles, warmth and great happiness,
Let only joy is waiting for you today,
Sadness go away, all evil and bad weather!
I wish you health and vitality,
The energy has let the whole time the key!
That every time you bring success,
Let the heart be filled with only good!

Trinity summer day warmed,
Let happiness lasts for many years,
Let it be God's grace,
I wish to live and prosper!