How can I use coffee beans and coffee grounds: 5 amazing ways

Coffee cake has a number of valuable properties. Knowing how to use the coffee asleep, you can save a little on cosmetic products, household chemical products and fertilizers for plants.

Eliminate the unpleasant smell

to eliminate unpleasant smell in the refrigerator, pour coffee grounds into the saucer and put a couple of days.

Clean baked-pan

To clean baked-on panAdd coffee grounds to the sponge and rub the surface. By the way, shell, The toilet can also be washed.

To hands smelled onions

Hands will not smell onionsWhen to wash their coffee grounds. Therefore, we recommend to keep a small jar with coffee grounds next to the sink.

How can I use coffee beans and coffee grounds: 5 incredible ways /

good fertilizer

Coffee grounds - an excellent fertilizer for plants. So feel free to add it in flower pots and beds.

For hair shine

To give hair shine - make coffee, cool and rinse their hair after washing. After 15-20 minutes rinse.

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