Do you have enough vitamins?

Referring to the head physician of the medical center "Dawn" B. Balabin to know exactly which vitamins are necessary for our compatriots and the individual.

In the last century the unavailability of products rich in vitamins, lead to beriberi. This was observed especially among submarine crews, and until the 19th century and seagoing sailors. In our time, a vitamin deficiency has become a rarity.

Lack of vitamins B and C, found among the population of the poor quality of life, it is tested refugees and people affected by natural destruction. Lack of vitamin can be observed after severe starvation diets and, separate bowel diseases, postoperative period after the uncontrolled use of bioactive additives. Those who have excluded these factors that trigger vitamin deficiency, do not focus on measuring the level of vitamins.

What is important to consider the Russians?

Solar rays acting on the human skin, promote occurrence hlorkaltsiferola (vitamin D). Fish, fish oil, seafood rich in this vitamin. It contains the egg yolk, vegetable oils, animal fats, in the form of ergocalciferol, or vitamin D2. Eating these products, we enrich the body with vitamin D.

This vitamin affects the strength of the bone tissue, regulates metabolism, generating hormones, cell growth. Modern scientists are studying the link vitamin D deficiency with obesity, early aging, frequency catarrhal diseases, disorders of the nervous system activity, bronchial asthma and its exacerbations psoriasis. Elderly vitamin D deficiency threatens softening of bone tissue and frequent fractures.

Even vacation in the South during the short summer will not allow compensate for the lack of vitamin D. Especially given the fact that people with fair skin need to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation. In addition, the risk of burns and cancer of skin diseases is large enough at abusing sunburn. This will help avoid a regular intake of vitamin D daily dose of no more than 1,000 IU.

Conclusion: Russians It should be kept under control only the level of vitamin D. A blood test 25 OH vitamin D will help determine its deficit. Any network laboratory makes such analysis.

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