Fibroids: what is it dangerous?

Many young women suddenly begin to notice that their feelings during menstruation time, begin to take on a painful shade. Moreover, such a noticeable tinge of concern. Those who have a responsible attitude to their own health, refer to the gynecologist. And in many cases know the diagnosis of "tumor in the uterus" or "uterine".

What is it - fibroids?

Myoma experts called benign tumor formed in the muscle layer of the uterine wall. The reasons for its occurrence there is little known and studied, but it is quite a common phenomenon, is about 40% of all "female" disease.

Of course, the fibroids - non-oncological disease, but under favorable conditions or genetic predisposition of the patient could well transform into cancer.


Doctors tend to think that the main cause of benign tumors in the body of the uterus are still hormonal violations committed by the body in the production of sex hormones. Anyway hormonal failure accurately refers to the risk factors for fibroids. In addition, such factors usually referred overweight, heredity, as well as all sorts of "interference" in the uterus - a cesarean section, abortion, gynecological cleansing. Provoke a tumor can still later puberty, childbirth after 40 years, irregular hormone therapy and stress.

Setting individual reasons for each individual patient, and is not always possible, in principle. Many women live with their fibroids is called, "soul to soul" for many years, and they do not strain them and even almost do not grow. Still, the time came when an edge raises the question of disposal of neoplasms (or even more, because this happens quite often). What then to do? Addressed to the operation? Let's face it.

The danger of fibroids

Of course, each individual situation. And the decision should be taken in conjunction with the attending physician. It is not even discussed. But still, there are a number of mandatory indications for removal of fibroids:

1. The large size of tumors, when it begins to put pressure on the uterus and adjacent organs, breaking in varying degrees of functionality.

2. The threat of anemia on the background of prolonged and heavy menstruation, provoked by the presence of a benign tumor.

3. pregnancy planning, which fibroids its location, size and / or features may interfere.

4. Chronic pain in the pelvic area.

5. The rapid growth in the tumor, as well as its increase during menopause.

6. Submucosal and mezhsvyazochnoe, cervical and peresheechnoe location nodes.

7. Infertility women, if no other reason no.

Yes, surgery of fibroids is not always shown. If the tumor and a small unit, the operation is not necessary. The patient in this case is typically assigned to conservative treatment, normalizing hormones. It is important to constantly be seen in the antenatal clinic, to control the size of tumors with ultrasound.

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