3 women's haircuts, which will make the image of the "expensive" and more elegant

All women want to look stylish, beautiful, modern in every age. This does not need to spend the big bucks. It is enough to find a good master of haircuts, which will choose a stylish and beautiful hair. In this article we consider the 3 most famous hairstyles that will help to create your perfect and elegant image.

Kare-kare and bean

This haircut is one of the most popular among women. The hair length should be up to the earlobes, not less. Shearing should be smooth and clear lines. This hairstyle will look good in women older, it will be their youth. Kara is now very changed, there was a bunch of modern variants. Kara has an elongated front, different calibration. So that you can afford to pick up a square that is right for you.

If you find it difficult to part with their long hair, it can be an elongated square. This square looks good. If you make a parting on one side. Bangs can make a straight, diagonally or even to give it up. Four of a Kind and a bob haircut is very popular, almost all celebrities in 2019 chose this kind of hairstyle. Take a look for yourself.

It is the trend of the last years - this bean. She would go to any age and will add elegance to the image.


Pixie - a modern hairstyle that goes out of fashion for a long time. Can choose different length, this hairstyle will suit any age. Hairstyle creates volume. This hairstyle can be carried out with a bang to the side. Suitable for those who have a clear oval face and beautiful neck. Rest better choose a hairstyle that covers the "problem" site.

If you want to change, do not rush immediately to shear off your hair, you can try to start a wig. Next, refer to the stylist, show photos, whatever you want to cut hair, and, as he had already tell you whether you fit the image under your face.

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