My review: Bioproten ampoules to restore hair after dyeing and keratin straightening

Today, my review focuses on reducing ampoules for hair from the Greek firm Farcom. It is, so to speak, exclusive review, because the vials in Russia are not at the hearing. They are very popular in European countries, and especially - among the countries of former Yugoslavia girls.

Thus, the line of ampoules for hair restoration called Bioproten. It is produced in two versions:

- Blue (with extract of cotton seeds);

- Pink (regenerating lotion after keratin straightening).

First talk about the blue vial. They are designed to restore hair after lightening and coloring, or, for example, washing. That even if the damaged hair hot Termopribor when done styling.

The purpose of this blue ampoules - turn dry cuticles lump that turned out after the damage to the hair, the cuticle in the normal hair, the most smooth scales and fill voids hair.

I really liked the active component ampoules - cotton seed extract. He himself has worked well in creams for dry skin. As for the hair, cotton seed extract moisturizes them well, even better than oil, because then it does not have the effect of an oily film. Simply put, as the hair is moistened with oil, but they do not look fat because of the oily film.

In package 12 vials each of 10 ml. One vial is intended for single use. For damaged hair was enough for me to use one vial once a week, because it is very powerful.

What I received after the effect of blue vials:

1) The hair has become thicker, for me personally, this is the indicator of hair restoration;

2) dry at the tips of the hair was not;

3) the hair without weighing it down, softer and more bonus appeared shine.

Ampoules with extract of cotton seeds I liked, but after the course has already become usual to do a hair mask. Still, part of the powerful, and repeat the course as a preventive measure, I will not. For me they are like SOS-tool.

Now let's talk about restoring keratin lotion colored hair (pink vials Bioproten).

The same 12 ampoules of 10 ml each. In it a high concentration of keratin, which is necessary for the volume, texture and shine. According to the manufacturer, the ampoule components easily penetrate the hair core and begin to work there (to recover from the inside), plus saturate hair outside.

Result: The hair is elastic, soft and very long time to dry because strong moisturized from the inside.

Use ampoule is quite simple. The contents of one ampoule I poured into a bowl, an empty vial flooded with warm water, then re-poured into a bowl. Well it's all mixed and applied to the hair, comb already distributed over the entire length of the hair to the tips. Comb used with large sparse teeth.

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