Your low back pain I have cured with salt

About four years ago, I started to have pain in the spine. I suffered for a long time, I have not yet decided to get tested, after which sounded disappointing diagnosis - osteochondrosis.

I was treated by various ointments, I went for a massage and physiotherapy - but the improvements were temporary.

So I can and suffered more, if fate had not brought me to a nice woman, who advised me to be treated with salt.
I took her advice immediately, but only when the aggravation began.

In a glass jar I mixed 20 tbsp unrefined vegetable oil and 10 tbsp sea salt. Bank to close the cover, removed in a warm, dark place in the cabinet and insisted a few days.

Further, every morning I soft circular motions rub this mixture into the affected area. If someone at home - it was out of households, asked them, and often rubbed herself.

The first procedure is to last for 2 - 3 minutes, but every day the same amount of time extended the procedure. As a result, the last procedure, I drove up to 20 minutes, but each pushed from their experiences.

The first time after these sessions I felt a weakness, dizziness and drowsiness, but after a couple of treatments, all these symptoms are gone, as well as pain in the spine.

The skin after each treatment, it is necessary to wipe a warm, wet towel and apply baby cream.

The information is provided in the information and informational purposes only, not intended to be a reference and medical accuracy, is not a guide to action. Be sure to consult with a specialist. Do not self-medicate.
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