How to cope with heartburn at home

Heartburn is familiar to many. It's a feeling that is burning somewhere in the stomach area, or slightly higher. Scientific language such a disease called gastroezofagelny reflux. What is the cause of heartburn and how it can be treated at home?

Heartburn can occur when the gastrointestinal tract diseases of the gallbladder or cholecystitis. Very often this disease is accompanied by a woman her entire pregnancy.

Statistics say that heartburn affects about 40% of people from all over the world, and equally, both men and women. In some heartburn occurs rarely, in others it is permanent. But, for some reason, and that in both cases, people are quite negligent to symptoms.

Heartburn occurs when stomach contents is thrown back into the esophagus. That gastric juice and irritate, and we feel a burning sensation.

Constant heartburn can occur if there is a hernia of esophageal opening of the diaphragm. Also, the cause of heartburn can serve constipation, cough, overeating and even lifting heavy objects. And heartburn may occur after ingestion of certain drugs, e.g., aspirin.

To get rid of this disease, heartburn, of course, is to direct all their efforts to get rid of the underlying cause. But if your heartburn is temporary, and is not one of the symptoms, such as ulcer, cholecystitis, etc., you can use certain medications.

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Drugs to combat heartburn

1.Antatsidnye drugs. They envelop the mucous membrane, preventing gastric juice to cause a burning sensation.

2.Can use drugs that reduce gastric acidity, fortunately, in the pharmacy of drugs is now a good range.

3.Ili same, there is another way - to reduce the production of gastric juice. But these drugs should be taken only after consulting a doctor, because without the necessary control and they can even make the situation worse.

4. If heartburn appears after surgery patients, specialists give them to make a weak solution of hydrochloric acid, acetic acid or citric acid.

Folk remedies for heartburn

The first thing that comes to mind when a heartburn soda solution. However, this method can be used very rarely, otherwise there may be additional health problems. As a result of regular reception soda solution in the body is disturbed fluid balance. And it is worth considering that, yes, the soda helps to get rid of the burning sensation, but it does not eliminate the most heartburn, ie not cure.

Therefore, it should pay attention to other means:

• Vegetable oil. Only 1-2 teaspoons, and heartburn retreats, and for a long time.

• Seeds. Once there was a burning sensation - nibble sunflower seeds, is a proven tool!

• Warm milk.

• carrot or apple. The desired product is in the form of cheese.

• Vegetable juice. Grate the carrots and potatoes, and mix pressed juice in equal quantities. This drink soothes heartburn, and also acts as a preventive method.

• Powder Calamus. The spine of the plant is ground into a powder. In Article 1/2. add a pinch of water and drink.

• decoction of herbs. Excellent help decoctions of mint, chamomile, fennel, yarrow, almond, St. John's wort.

Tune in to positive!

There is another terrific method to get rid of heartburn - this positive thoughts! By the way, it is advised, even doctors!

Try at least a week, not to be negativity, live quietly, and if any unpleasant situation, do not be nervous. And, even if this method does not get rid of heartburn, it can be considered an excellent prevention. After all, a person who is a little nervous, a lot less disease!

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