According to the psychologist: why people around her think the emotional person stupid?

Psychologist Michael Litvak argues that nonsense puts on a mask of emotion.

How often do you come across in life with people who responded to the reproach, report that they simply emotional.

As a rule, it is a controlled anger, fear, anxiety or depression. A strong negative emotions, the researchers have proved it, arise from the lack of information or inability to appreciate it.

Such a reaction is characterized as a person with a low level of intelligence, and for someone who has a high IQ scores. In other words, emotions cause us to act in a primitive, in the eyes of others and looks stupid.

How can stop being nervous and start to act?

Why consider the surrounding emotional person stupid? /

According to Litvak, from any failure to be to gain experience. If it is you will, the next time a similar situation does not cause negative emotions concentrated, will be your usual. Emotions are energy and it needs to be converted into action. Hot temper and irritability - fool weapon.

Do smart people emotional? Yes and very. Once all his emotions are in business! Psychologist offers to compare emotional intelligent man with deep-water river flow capacity is only felt inside. At the same time emotional foolish man is comparable to a mountain river, which has no depth, but throws its waters through large rapids.

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