10 signs which issue in man liar

Dishonest people sometimes do not immediately show its face. Therefore, it is necessary to get acquainted with the ten attributes that are inherent in the liar, to protect themselves as early as possible. Be careful, because the professional swindlers are very insidious, they can manipulate us and seriously harm their lies.

10 signs which issue liar


Dishonest people do not look in the eye, they look away, they have it quick.


If a person while talking about something thinks probably he's not telling.


Liars many are nervous, which can manifest itself in the stuttering recovery, gestures, tics, etc.

The discrepancy between the facts

Listen carefully to the interlocutor, if not match any facts likely he was lying, and he does not remember that it was said.

shifting the blame

If you say in the face of the liar that he is lying, then he will make excuses and blame you at all. But he who does not lie, you respond politely and explain everything.

Changing the conversation

As soon as you try to press a liar to the wall, he will immediately try to change the subject.

physical distance

If a person is making every effort to move away from you in time to talk, he clearly Julita and something unsaid.

Delirium, instead of speech

When a person a lot of lying, and trying to avoid being caught in this, he begins to bear any nonsense.


If you accuse a liar a liar, he will try to change the subject, and remind you not a very pleasant story of your life, trying to shame and humiliate you.

Subject between interlocutors

Liar time conversation tries to fence themselves from the others, so the conversation can put between yourself and the opponent, for example, a bag or mobile phone.

Be vigilant, keep liars away with their deceit, do not give them the stage for further lies, manage to put a hypocrite and a manipulator in place!

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